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Apr 30 2012

The beginning of the end…..of the first year

It seems crazy, my entire first year of teaching is almost over. My summative is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since I teach foreign language, we did the speaking portion of the summative last week. One of my classes scored above 90%. The lowest was around 78%. So, we are on track to do pretty well!

But, I’m still nervous. I think it’s just my personality. I’m an overachieving perfectionist. I want my kids to do so well so they will be confident in themselves. I want them to see that they CAN learn a foreign language, and to that fact they HAVE learned quite a bit about a foreign language. I want them to feel successful on this new endeavor and that is continues.

And for myself, I want to know that I taught them SOMETHING. I often find myself just stopping and thinking: wow, have I actually taught my kids anything? Because I feel like we just started the year.

Tuesday and Wednesday are when we “strut out stuff on paper.” Fingers crossed – I think we can pull of some pretty amazing grades because I teach some amazing kids who really have learned a lot of Spanish this year :)

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