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Aug 25 2011

Re-energized by the small things

It’s been too long since I last wrote. Between trainings, meetings, health clearances, and whatever else – I have no idea where the time has gone. That’s a lie, I know where it’s gone. I’ve been putting my time and heart into investing students in me, my class, and school. And, letting them know how invested I am in them. Needless to say, it’s paying off pretty well so far. My classes are rather well managed with a few talkers who I shut down today and we will see what that brings for tomorrow.

But, I know I am slowly getting through to them because I had a few students say very nice things to me. First, a student who has always been a bit quieter raised her hand and asked if I choose the way they learn (my instructional method), and I told her yes. And she said thanks because we were learning WAY more than the other classes in our school. Then a student behind her who has caused me great hardship recently and I’ve been working on ensuring he understands and follows our classroom rules tells me that I’m one of the best teachers he has had in many years because I actually make him learn and pay attention.

Finally, my day culminated with parent phone calls. And not negative ones. Just to call parents and let them know who I am, what I teach, and how much I really do enjoy their student. Needless to say, I called one mom who I met during Open House and she said her son has struggled in school before and to please keep her in the loop. Honestly, had she not told me that I would have never known he struggled. He is SO well behaved. SO well mannered. And learning A LOT. After talking to a group of students who he sits by yesterday, this young man stops me after class to see if he can move his seat in the future so that he doesn’t get himself into trouble. I wrote him a note and told him most certainly and told him how proud I was to see he would ask me that. Well, I called his mom today to tell her how amazing her child is and told her she is a commendable parent for raising such a mature, fine young man. She called me back later this evening and left me this voicemail:
“Mr G, Thank you so much for that call. We don’t get many positive calls so I’m going to save that so when I’m having a bad day I can listen to it. But, I wanted to compliment you on your teaching style. “Student” has never actually been so excited about a class, ever. And our entire family is learning Spanish thanks to “Student”. I appreciate all you’re doing.”

This is why I TeachForAmerica. So EVERY student can learn. And EVERY parent can hear all the amazing things their student is doing in school. Because in the end, we all want the same thing: opportunities for every student.

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  1. Those small tokens of appreciation made all the time, effort, and energy you put into teaching worth it. One day, some of your students will look back and remember what a positive impact you have had on their lives.

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