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May 05 2012

And the scores are in……

There is rarely a day that has gone by during this school year that hasn’t left me completely shocked by SOMETHING. Sometimes it is a student’s misbehavior. Sometimes it is something an administrator says or does. But, sometimes it just the greatness that is teaching.
We took our summative assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday – our Spanish 1 end of level exam. I used the NY Second Language Proficiency Exam. In NY, many students will get two years of solid foreign language instruction before taking the test. My students and I got one year because of the structure of our program, and this left me afraid as to how the students would score. After the kids finished their tests, I sent samples of student speaking and writing off to teachers in various places to get their feedback on grades to make sure that I was grading my students as fairly as…

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It seems crazy, my entire first year of teaching is almost over. My summative is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since I teach foreign language, we did the speaking portion of the summative last week. One of my classes scored above 90%. The lowest was around 78%. So, we are on track to do pretty well!…

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It’s weird. I got up this morning in a fine mood and have been productive all day. Today is the last day of Spring Break, and I did no work over break. Therefore, naturally, I have to pay the price and do it today. But, that really hasn’t been the problem. At least until now.…

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It was once said to me teaching is worth it for the handful of students who you really get to impact. In my Pre-teacher life I thought this sounded naive. In my current teaching life I’d say you’re not kidding. I’m not sure how many of those kids I have for sure, but there is…

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Feb 21 2012

My kids say the darndest things

On the toughest days (which let me tell you – there have been plenty), I sometimes can’t help but just laugh with/at my kids and the things they say. First off, let me just say I have the best kids. The best kids in the Delta. And in America. My kids love me, and I…

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I’ll be the first to say that lately, I’ve been down in the dumps. I don’t know why but I hit a jut. It’s effected my teaching. I vow to fix my problem and increase the “joy factor” in my room – aka make myself happy with myself and my life. I think I re-found…

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Feb 03 2012

Up and running…..

It seems as though I probably should have written sooner, but I haven’t. Forgive me. Since the semester started, things have been a little crazy. I have decided to fully commit myself to the TPRS teaching method which means that at least 50% and pushing upwards of more is in the foreign language. It takes…

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Dec 27 2011

Winter Break

Here’s the truth of the matter: I miss my kids. I miss my school. And I miss my job. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my break thus far, and plan to enjoy the last few days as well. But, this break has made me realize how much I really do love…

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Yet again, I haven’t posted in a very long time. I apologize, kind of. I don’t post every day because by the end of some days – simply existing seems to be a gift from above and I go to sleep and get up and do it again. Many times things happen and I think…

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Another day of my life has come and gone. Sometimes I wonder: did I actually accomplish anything today? Sure, I went to work. Sure, I tried teaching. But did that actually amount to ANYTHING? Let me just re-cap yesterday. The day ended. It was less than great. I knew I was getting observed today and…

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